About Us

Welcome to Tots of Crown!
Established in August 2020 in Central Windsor, England, neighbour to the renowned Windsor Castle, Tots of Crown is a small independent business run by a mum Denise with the help from her little tot Victor, with great aspirations! :)
We are committed to provide a wide range of quality, functional and entertaining products to all families. We are constantly working hard to acquire new products to expand our collections to meet the changing needs of families of the future. We are mindful in selecting the products, we aim to ensure that toys are made from sustainable materials and they meet the highest quality and safety standards so that they can be enjoyed for many generations to come and safe for our little tots.
We also want to look after mums-to-be and mums, thus we have included a small selection of carefully picked products just for you.
Although we are relatively a new business, we strive to provide the best products and customer service.
If you'd like to be updated on what's new, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @totsofcrown.
Alternatively, if you have any questions on our products, please feel free to contact us at hello@totsofcrown.com, we will aim to reply as soon as we can.
Denise & Victor xx